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Get In Position (GIP) was founded in 2000, by principal Martha Lee, one of the earliest search engine optimization (SEO) specialists. Today GIP encompasses a team of experts who bring together the critical components necessary to build a profitable web presence.

At its inception GIP devised a customizable SEO process to generate high search engine visibility for client target markets.

Today, GIP also offers a refined custom SEO reporting system to analyze Web traffic and trends in visitor behavior as well as conversions and other ROI indicators. Integrating data from multiple sources, these reports reflect a client's Web market effectiveness and profitability. We include in all reports, a plan for cost saving, increased ROI, and ongoing competitive advantage.

GIP clients are committed to utilizing the internet as one of their revenue generating sources. The Get In Position team works with clients just entering the Web environment as well as with companies well established on the internet. Projects range from a simple Web site revamp to rebuilding a whole new online identity.

We work with our clients' in-house teams or bring our own additional resources, to implement custom solutions.

The Get In Position office is located in San Anselmo, California.

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