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It’s 2009. Check your Message

The State of our Economy
You are probably in the same business planning stage as usual for end of first quarter. But what’s not usual for 2009 is the state of the US and global economy.  We’ve all (or most all, anyway) experienced the ripple effects of the mortgage crisis that reared its ugly head more than a year ago.

New Priorities for your Old Audience 
How is your niche market responding to this change?  Are they shopping around for better price for the same quality? Are they moving to lower price and saying a prayer for quality?  Or, perhaps they’re still coming to you for quality but with a new budget.

Check your Message
So what is the first and foremost effective step you can take to maintain loyalty and market share? It’s simple. Check to see if your message meets your current audiences’ needs.  This is where everyone can get creative.

Strategizing for both short term and long term business success is a best practice in any economic climate. It’s important to regularly check to make sure your message lets your audience know that your goal is to significantly impact their success. If client budgets are tight, you may want to offer price breaks for a period of time to show that you are a player, no matter what the playing field looks like. Or you may need to better clarify the benefits of your services/products to assure your audience that an investment with you is the best use of their limited funds.

Pioneering Through a Bear Market
To stay competitive in a bear market, you need to be a player. To be a player, put on your boldest, most colorful pioneer hat and march at least one step ahead of your audience. Now is the time to anticipate their growing needs for the ensuing year and beyond.


About the Author: A leader in the search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing (SEM) arena since 1999, Martha Lee has more than 20 years of marketing experience in the software, online education, and e-commerce industries. In 2000, Lee founded the web-marketing firm, Get In Position, .



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