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Will 2010 Bring a Caffeine Jolt to SEO?

With Google’s Caffeine, scheduled to come out after the holidays, we’ll likely see faster indexing and more real time content in the search results, including more social media, videos and photos. But what impact if any will this latest version of Google’s search engine have on your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign?

If you’re currently following SEO best practices, then chances are you are also keeping an eye on new trends and changes in the world of search. As such, much of what Caffeine is expected to bring, will not be a surprise. To avoid serious negative repercussions from Caffeine, below are some things you can review and tweak if needed to your current on and offsite marketing strategy:

Onsite SEO
Keep your content fresh. That is, add new regularly and occasionally spiff up your old archived text.
Is your site still sluggish to load? Fix this problem asap!
Check your site’s bounce rate. Make sure your internal links have an effective silo structure for deep crawling to important themed pages.
Check to see that you have keyword rich URLs; including domain names and file names.

Offsite SEO
Keep up your link building campaign. Specifically, keep those “quality relevant links” coming to your site. It’s even better if the links are .edu or .org sites.
Generate original content regularly from your blogs and social media sites. Your newsworthy articles, as well as relevant photos, videos, and tweets can offer valuable back links to your site along with additional and real time search visibility.

Caffeine will probably not be a jolt, but rather a speedy pick-me-up for search results, reflecting the growing complexity of our internet world. So relax, have a cup of Joe, and a Happy New Year!


Martha Lee
Founder and CEO
Get In Position



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