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January 04, 2010

Will 2010 Bring a Caffeine Jolt to SEO?

With Google’s Caffeine, scheduled to come out after the holidays, we’ll likely see faster indexing and more real time content in the search results, including more social media, videos and photos. But what impact if any will this latest version of Google’s search engine have on your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign?

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May 24, 2007

Google Universal Search & Personalization - The Future of Search?

Recently, Google made some big announcements that will affect every Google user on the planet eventually, and placed Google firmly in the lead in terms of search.

One has to do with search "personalization" while the other is referred to as "Universal Search".

Both will have interesting implications in the world of search but will also lead to a bunch of questions.

For example, in terms of personalization, why didn't Yahoo, MSN or AOL do this first? They all have large user bases and, in fact have had larger user bases than Google up until a few years ago yet they failed to act for whatever reason.

Aside from that though there are many Google related questions as well.

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March 29, 2007

Optimizing for Google - What Other Opportunities Exist?

As a search engine marketer, one of the most common phrases we hear when we ask “what do you want your online campaign to look like?” is “I want to be number 1 in Google.”

And sometimes this is possible. Quite easy in fact. But most times it is not a realistic goal. At least not in the traditional SEO sense.

So if you are one of these sites that has hundreds (or thousands or millions) of competitors online, just what can you do to achieve top spot in Google?

In this article I look at alternatives to #1 organic or sponsored rankings in Google. Some ideas you've heard of but others you may not have.

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February 23, 2007

Link Building - It's all about Quality. Or is it?

Lately it seems as if all you hear about is link building: link building this, or link building that. You need links from .edu and .gov sites. You need relevant links. You need high quality links. Quality is more important than quantity.

If you regularly tune into any website that watches search engines, or deals with search engine optimization then you know that much of the talk these days is link building.

And one of my favorite topics is the whole discussion over link quality versus link quantity. Many people believe that link building is most effective when you build a select few high quality links, while others hold to the belief that more links is better.

So the question becomes – which belief is correct?

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November 28, 2006

Much Ado about Link Baiting

There is a fairly new term being bounced around the web. This new term has a few people mystified, if they have even heard of it at all.

So I thought I would introduce you to the term (if you are not already familiar with it) and provide a description of what it is so that you too can understand the often misunderstood field of link baiting.

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November 6, 2006

SEO and Dynamic Websites - how do they fit together?

We often receive many questions about dynamic websites. Some site owners want to know how to prepare their dynamic website for search engines. In this article we answer this question.

Because, lets face it, sometimes the technology behind websites can be daunting. It can be difficult at best to understand how your site works. That's why we wrote this article – to help you understand at least one small part of your site, and how it can (and does) impact your site's overall search engine marketing performance.

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