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September 30, 2008

Count on Your Keywords

While content still matters (absolutely!), it doesn’t matter much if your online audience isn’t finding you.

You want to get and stay ahead, and so does your competition. Standing out is harder than ever. If we’re all using the same technology, how can we differentiate ourselves?

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June 26, 2007

How NOT to Manage Your Content

When you are in the search marketing industry you often hear the phrase "content is king." This basically means that it is content (web pages, pdf's, word processing documents, spreadsheets etc.) which form the basis of the world wide web.

It is these documents which search engines retrieve, index and rank, and it is these documents which people search for on a daily basis.

I recently read a story where a well known website was going to remove literally thousands of pages from their website because there were few visitors to the pages.

Now, this may seem like a sound reason to remove old pages. But in terms of search, this can be an incredible loss to your website that can ultimately affect your bottom line.

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May 24, 2007

Google Universal Search & Personalization - The Future of Search?

Recently, Google made some big announcements that will affect every Google user on the planet eventually, and placed Google firmly in the lead in terms of search.

One has to do with search "personalization" while the other is referred to as "Universal Search".

Both will have interesting implications in the world of search but will also lead to a bunch of questions.

For example, in terms of personalization, why didn't Yahoo, MSN or AOL do this first? They all have large user bases and, in fact have had larger user bases than Google up until a few years ago yet they failed to act for whatever reason.

Aside from that though there are many Google related questions as well.

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May 9, 2007

Is SEO Baked Into Your Website?

Search engine optimization or SEO, is becoming a more common and (hopefully) more commonly understood phrase. For more about what SEO is, see our article on SEO, SEP, or SEM Specialists - Who am I talking to? What is not so commonly understood is, when SEO gets factored into the building of a new web site or the revamp of your old one.

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February 23, 2007

Link Building - It's all about Quality. Or is it?

Lately it seems as if all you hear about is link building: link building this, or link building that. You need links from .edu and .gov sites. You need relevant links. You need high quality links. Quality is more important than quantity.

If you regularly tune into any website that watches search engines, or deals with search engine optimization then you know that much of the talk these days is link building.

And one of my favorite topics is the whole discussion over link quality versus link quantity. Many people believe that link building is most effective when you build a select few high quality links, while others hold to the belief that more links is better.

So the question becomes – which belief is correct?

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November 28, 2006

Much Ado about Link Baiting

There is a fairly new term being bounced around the web. This new term has a few people mystified, if they have even heard of it at all.

So I thought I would introduce you to the term (if you are not already familiar with it) and provide a description of what it is so that you too can understand the often misunderstood field of link baiting.

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December 4, 2005

Still Putting All of Your Eggs in Google's Basket?

Google has become synonymous with searching the Internet. So much so that "googling" means to search for information online. When people try to improve
their site's visibility, it's no surprise that they measure their success by their Google ranking.

This perception is not unreasonable. Google is still the most popular search engine, used for about 46 percent of all searches [1], down from a high of 80 percent [2].

However, focusing all your efforts on Google means ignoring a large part of your potential audience. Yahoo is used for 22 percent of all searches, MSN for 13 [3], and both companies are positioning themselves for dominance of the search engine market. All three engines remain relevant when building a web marketing campaign.

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