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Martha Lee

Martha Lee
Founder and CEO

Martha Lee, a leader in the search engine optimization (SEO) arena since 1999, has created online brand visibility and improved profitability for 40 plus companies worldwide. In 2000, Lee founded the web marketing firm, Get In Position (GIP). By 2005, GIP was recognized by the India Times as one of the 100 best SEO firms in the world. Martha’s projects range from small and mid size companies including Body Time, Zoot Sports, and Karen Neuberger to larger corporations like Just Systems (including North America, UK and Germany).

Lee has built and grown Get In Position ( based on two things: profitable client results from the SEO process, and client retention based on trust and respect as an expert in her field. Lee continues to apply new as well as proven principles, processes, and strategies to maximize search engine marketing (SEM) success via a customized approach.

Prior to founding GIP, Martha was Search Engine Expert for Simplexity LLC, an Oakland, CA. application development firm specializing in web-based Internet and intranet database and product development. Previously, she was Director of Sales and Marketing for Reference Software, a San Francisco company purchased by Novell, and earlier, Account Manager for Convene International, client server for The University of Phoenix online education, in San Francisco, CA.

Martha speaks at conferences and events throughout the West. She has presented at various San Francisco Bay Area associations including The Bay Area Consultants Network (BACN) in Marin County, California, the East Bay Web Alliance and Oakland Chamber WIBR in Oakland, CA. She was guest speaker at the GMAC 2006 Business Conference in Las Vegas and she has written for several e-publications as well. Martha is currently a member of the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce, SofTECH - a North Bay Software and IT Forum, and The Bay Area Consulting Network (BACN) in California. From 2003 to 2006, Martha served as Board President for Stapleton School of the Performing Arts, a ballet and theatre arts school in San Anselmo, California. 

With a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bennington College in Vermont, Martha went on to receive her MBA degree from San Francisco State University.

Support Team:

Martha and her team of specialists bring fresh ideas and opportunities, enhancing GIP's superior online service.

For every client and project, GIP develops a customized approach, specifically tailored to serve the needs and goals of each business.

Effective online business growth requires expertise in multiple disciplines. Depending on the size and nature of the project Martha may pull from a pool of specialists in any of these areas: dynamic web development, architecture, link building, PPC advertising, and web analysis.

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