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Our process provides you: multiple layered visibility, a knowledge of your market, and a management plan for increasing competitive advantage.

Stage I - Analysis & Research

  1. Establish goals:
    Is the goal to get people to call? Ask for information? Buy products online? Sign up for a newsletter? Download a white paper? Or all of the above? We will ask you to fill out a questionnaire at the start of your project to obtain initial background and clarification of your Internet goals. This will also help us determine the amount of writing, rewriting, and/or editing necessary to achieve maximum Web site visibility.
  2. Research to build new key word phrases and page content:
    New key word phrases and page content will be recommended for your approval based on selected target audiences, direct internet competition, tracking reports, and research of popular search words for your target audience.
  3. Edit copy:
    Once key word phrases are chosen for each page to be optimized, these key words will be integrated into the copy. This may require writing from scratch, rewrites, or simple editing.
  4. Optimize html code:
    This includes creating title tags, headings, image alt tags, and hyperlinks. This is an important step in helping the search engines properly classify and index the site.
  5. Provide tracking code:
    Ticker code will be provided for placement on all-important pages for tracking clicks, visitor behavior, and sales conversions or other transactions.

Stage II - Submit to the Engines and Directories

  1. Upload and submit:
    Once content and html coding is complete, this is uploaded to the site for selected pages to be hand submitted to selected engines and directories. Submissions to the directories requires category selections and separate descriptions for listings.

Stage III - Link Building & Other Optimization/Marketing Efforts

  1. Link Campaign:
    We can help you begin a link building campaign once the site is up and running. This should be an ongoing process to find the best sites for complimentary links, article listings, industry specific directory inclusions. This effort can greatly improve your ranking on many of the major engines.
  2. Internal Links
    A site map and keyword rich links are built into your content where search engines can crawl and index multiple pages on your Web site.
  3. Additional Marketing Options:
    At this stage, we will recommend additional marketing options (i.e. bid for placement, email marketing, etc.) to further efforts for attracting target audiences to your site, keeping them there, and getting them to come back.

Stage IV - Reporting and Follow up Maintenance

  1. Tracking Reports:
    We will create a series of three tracking reports beginning with a week following submissions, then one month following, and again in six to 12 weeks. These reports will include: tracking of rank positioning on the major engines/directories, evaluation of visitor traffic and audience behavior, link profiles vs. competitor links, and documented trends and changes in your target market. With these reports, we will provide detailed analysis and action item list to further/continue efforts to reach your online goals.
  2. Schedule for ongoing Web Marketing Maintenance:
    It is important to establish a regular schedule for monitoring traffic trends, competition growth, and changes in targeted audience behavior. This historical mapping of your audience’s behavior will be a guide for managing updates and modifications to your site that are critical for maintaining a competitive edge and continuous ROI growth. We will recommend a schedule for periodic reporting and ongoing marketing efforts.

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